The Athenian Agora XVIII


D.J. Geagan. The Athenian Agora XVIII. Inscriptions: The Dedicatory Monuments. Princeton 2011.

  • C97 - Fragment of a dedication, end of 3rd c. BC
  • C162 - Fragment of a votive monument to the Heros Strategos, last third of 3rd c. BC
  • C243 - Fragment of a dedication, ca. 175 BC
  • H328 - Fragments of a statue base dedicated to Theophilos by Attalos II of Pergamon, ca. 159-138 BC
  • H556 - Honorary monument with sculptor's signature (badly worn), Roman imperial period
  • V659a - Fragment of a votive inscription, 2nd c. BC
  • X720 - Fragment, ca. 185 BC