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Please email us at epig@osu.edu to request scans of material from our library and collections.

**NOTE: We are in the process of digitizing our collections, so some materials do not have links. Images of undigitized material in the Center can be requested at epig@osu.edu.**

Recent News

The Center welcomes Marco Tentori Montalto, University of Mannheim.

During my stay at the Center for Epigraphical and Palaeographical Studies of the Ohio State University (OSU), I  …

Professor Harry C. Avery donated his collection of Attic squeezes to our Center in 2017. He asked that we recognize his late father-in-law, William F. McDonald, a long-time Professor of…

The Center welcomes Pablo Piqueras Yagüe, Universidad de Murcia

Visiting Fellow as a Margarita Salas Researcher

I have developed my research work in the field of the medieval…

The Moralized Ovid

By Pierre Bersuire

Edited and translated by Frank T. Coulson and Justin Haynes

An influential medieval allegorical interpretation of the Metamorphoses…

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Frank T. Coulson
Arts and Humanities Distinguished Professor of Classics, Director of Palaeography
Fritz Graf
Distinguished University Professor, Director of Epigraphy
Philip Forsythe
Research Specialist at The Center for Epigraphical and Palaeographical Studies