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Recent News

March 15, 2022

Dr. Elena Duce Pastor, postdoctoral researcher Margarita Salas Autonoma University of Madrid/ University of Zaragoza (Spain), is a Sterling Dow Fellow at the Center, working on her project, Do Not…

March 15, 2022

Dr. M. Cristina de la Escosura Balbás of the University of Zaragoza is an Arthur E. Gordon fellow at the Center, working on her project: 

Research (Tool) Project: Linking Center’s…

November 3, 2021

Cristiana Roffi of the University of Trento is visiting the Center to work on her project, " Recasting Ovid in Modern Germany: the game of gaze in Jörg Wickram’s Metamorphoses."  This project…

September 15, 2021

Marjorie Curry Woods, professor emerita at the University of Texas at Austin, has generously donated her incomparable collection of microfilms and notes on medieval and renaissance manuscripts…