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A.G. Woodhead

A. Geoffrey Woodhead

The Center has lost two enthusiastic and generous patrons with the death on 6 November, 2008 of Professor A.G. Woodhead, following that of his wife Dora fifteen months earlier. Professor Woodhead, a 60-year fellow and frequent officer of Corpus Christi College, Cambridge, came to the United States as a Commonwealth Fellow at Princeton University thus beginning an affection for the United States, both academically and historically, that was to prove a great boon to The Ohio State University. As visiting and then adjunct professor at OSU, he taught a great variety of classes and students and arranged residence in Cambridge for a number of colleagues and students. The Woodheads were very much a part of the classical scene here when they were in residence at Ohio State. The establishment of the Center was much enhanced by his interests and by his generous donations of scholarly materials, which continued throughout his retirement. One of his last gestures in its support was giving funds to establish a Woodhead Fellowship to support visiting scholars who would work in areas of his interest, only partially suggested by his work on Greek epigraphy, the Greeks in the West, Thucydides, the SEG, the Flavians, and his many articles.

Those who may wish to honor the accomplishment of this distinguished scholar are invited to contribute to the funds supporting the Woodhead Fellowship.

(photo credit: SEG LIII, part 1)